CBC Tour Recap

We were welcomed to the lobby of the CBC building on the ominous day of the U.S. presidential inauguration:


The CBC has a mail robot! It passed us in the hall delivering mail to everyone in the building:


We saw many rooms of archives of all different types, including film, tv, and radio materials. Notice that one photo shows an archive behind bars because the contents could be used as legal evidence in a trial. Another photo shows some archival materials covered by a plastic tarp – this was to help protect it from a recent flood in one of the archives.

Next, we were shown the DIVA, the CBC’s server in which petabytes of information is stored. Below is a photo of the computer screen showing the information that has been recently added to storage, almost instantly after broadcast.

We were lucky to be invited into several news rooms that were buzzing with activity. We even ran into a former iSchool student who now works there:

Overall we had a wonderful time, learned a lot, and found the experience to be highly enriching. Thank you to the CBC’s Geoffrey Hopkinson for showing us around!


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