Visit to the Great Library at the Law Society of Upper Canada

On December 8 2016, we visited the Great Library at the Law Society of Upper Canada. Reference and Web Librarian Stefan Jurgens was our host. It was an educational and interesting experience looking at a slice of Toronto’s history.


The first room that we saw was reminiscent of a cathedral with its stained glass windows and vaulted ceilings. Here is Mr Jurgens showing us around this historic hall.


This room holds the American legal collection in this library, with many historic American tomes & documents, like the one below:


Here is the majestic reading room (an enforced quiet space) with its historic mantel and gorgeous ceiling.

The reading room includes a memorial for those who gave their lives in the Great War:img_20161208_102828

Here are just a few of the historic documents that we were shown:

These are some of the stack collections in this extensive library, including a fantastical shelf ladder straight out of Beauty and the Beast!

We are grateful to Mr. Jurgens for the tour and he has graciously invited us back. This library was a marvelous example of a professional setting for MI grads interested in special libraries and law libraries in particular.


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