Tour Recap: Fisher Library

On Friday, Sept.19th, I had the great pleasure of escorting 24 excited students to the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library.

We were treated to a fabulous, extended discussion of the library’s history, a Q&A of “what defines a rare book”, and an introduction to some of the Fisher’s most precious holdings by P.J. Carefoote, Medieval Manuscripts, Incunabula, and Early-Books Specialist. P.J. indulged us well past our end-time and was a most wonderful host as he answered everyone’s questions, and showed us a truly amazing showcase of the library’s holdings.
As some of you know, the Fisher is one of my most favourite places in Toronto; by the end of the tour, the library had enchanted many, many others.

Special thanks to P.J., and to Anne Dondertman, Assistant Director for having us.

Oh, and last but not least: to the girl who asked P.J. if he wouldn’t mind “grabbing that first folio”, a thousand times, thank you!

Our next tour, “Special Libraries: Media Collections. The Toronto Globe & Mail” (Fri. Oct.3) has now reached capacity. Remember, you can RSVP in advance to secure a spot on our tours. Check our website for further announcements and upcoming events.



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